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Premier Relocation PartnerHRPA at Keller Williams and provides a personalized moving experience that puts individuals, employees, and their families needs first.  We offer professional real estate and relocation services designed to make a relocation experience a positive adventure that is stress-free.

UNIQUE HOME BUYING EXPERIENCE:  Experienced, professional Real Estate Consultants will utilize a structured buyer and lifestyle questionnaire to quickly identify select housing and community choices.  Our relocation services are designed to provide your employee with the tools to make informed and financially sound decisions.

RENTAL HOMES ASSISTANCE:  For expatriates who are temporarily relocating or talent that may choose to rent, we can assist with relocation services including temporary apartment or home rentals.

PREMIER HOME SELLING EXPERIENCE:  Based on your business timetable, we will reach out to employees to give them the confidence in listing their home.  We hafamilymovingboxesve highly-qualified professionals throughout the U.S. who will provide expert marketing advice, tour an employee’s home and provide specific recommendations for pricing, repairs and staging their home for the current market conditions. We will ensure your employees get to the closing with the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time and receive informative relocation services.

SPOUSE/PARTNER OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES:  An organization’s ability to attract and  retain top talent often is dependent on the candidate’s confidence that his/her spouse will be able to find employment.  The sooner both partners establish roots in their community, the more likely the relocation will succeed and the higher the retention rate.

Businesspeople Working on LaptopHR consultants can assist spouses or partners in their job search with professional resume writing and behavioral-based interview training.   We can provide Linked-In Optimization & Networking Training to help individuals connect to their next opportunity.  HRPA assists with identifying employment opportunities and facilitating job interviews.

EMPLOYEE RELOCATION SERVICES:  HRPA provides a collaborative employee mobility partnership for businesses that want to offer new employees relocation support with or without complete outsourcing.  Our professional Real Estate & Mobility Specialist work closely with key management and human resources staff to ensure your top talent experiences a smooth transition during relocation.

HOME PURCHASE PROGRAMS:  For companies needing Home Purchase Programs and relocation management outsourcing, HRPA has partnered with TCS Global Mobility to provide additional employee options.

INDIVIDUAL RELOCATIONS:  Whether you are moving for a job-relative or personal motivation, we work hard because we know the faster you get settled in your personal life the quicker you can focus on your new position and make a positive impression on your employer!

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