Raleigh, NC November 2013 Market Data

Homes in Raleigh NC – November 2013 from http://www.searchhomesraleighnc.com

There are currently 2167 active homes for sale in Raleigh NC.

The average listing price for Real Estate in Raleigh NC during the month of November is $347,482.

The median list price in November for single family residential and condo/town home properties in Raleigh NC is $234,900.

The typical home for sale during the month of November in Raleigh NC is a 3.37 bedroom, 2.44 bath home built in 2000.

To break down pricing further we can look at price by bedrooms in Raleigh NC. During the month of November a 3 bedroom homes average for sale price is $226,662 while a 4 bedroom homes average for sale price is $453,854.

The 5 bedroom homes are listing for an average of $723,569. All market data and statistics are pulled directly from the local MLS data as of November 2013.

For more comprehensive Property data you can go to our website at http://www.searchhomesraleighnc.com.

Raleigh NC Market Statistics Summary Total Homes for Sale – 2167 Average List Price – $347,482 Median List Price – $234,900 Typical Raleigh NC Home 3.37 Bedrooms 2.44 Baths Median year Built in 2000 Average Price per Bedroom 3 Bedrooms – $226,662 4 Bedrooms – $453,854 5 Bedrooms – $723,569







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