Employer Relocations to Raleigh, NC – How your decision could impact your career

Career ServiceEmployer Relocations to Raleigh, NC – How your decision could impact your career

Employees who are asked by their current or potential employer to move to the Raleigh area or relocate out-of-state, will need to consider many factors before making the decision.  One of the key factors, and definitely not the only one, is the impact the decision will have on his/her career.

According to Worldwide ERC 2013® corporate benchmarking survey, the majority of respondents believe that declining an offer to relocate has the potential to impact an employee’s career within their current company.  In fact, only 2 out of 10 felt that refusing an international or U.S. relocation would not impact an employee’s career path.   For U.S. relocation, 79% of respondents felt relocation refusal would have some impact on an employee’s career path.

Employees working for companies with additional domestic and international offices should consider their relocation willingness as they move up the corporate latter.  Preparing for the possibility is important, as 52% of employers who responded expect an increase in employee relocations and 39% expect the number of relocations to be the same in 2013 according to the Worldwide ERC 2013® corporate benchmarking survey.

While relocation is among the most stressful events that can happen to a person or family, individuals who are relocating for a new job can experience higher stress level due to uncertainties about the organizational culture and management.  To reduce uncertainties, employees may consider renting or telecommuting to ensure they have the right job fit before selling their current home.

So, before you say yes or no to relocation think about the impact on your career within and outside the organization and be sure to ask management or HR for any additional clarification needed.

5 Career Questions to Ask HR Before Accepting Relocation:

  1. How will this move benefit my career?
  2. How will not making this move impact my career?
  3. Is this a temporary relocation?
  4. If I relocate, how long is my position guaranteed?
  5. If my position is eliminated after I move, what compensation will be provided?

5 Career Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting Relocation:

  1. If I move and lose my job, is there a demand for my skills in the area?
  2. Is the demand for my skill, higher in my current city or town?
  3. Who do I know in my company that has relocated to the area? What was their experience and impact on their career?
  4. Who do I know that works at the new location and what do they enjoy working there?
  5. What impact will this have on my spouse’s career?

Michele Langley, SPHR, Broker, is an HR Mobility and Real Estate Consultant who provides relocation assistance to individuals and employees with a focus on a holistic approach to relocation ensuring individual and family priorities are at the forefront of every relocation.

Services include Individual Relocation Assistance, Employee Relocation Assistance, and Trailing Spouse Outplacement Services.

Whether you need to sell a home in Raleigh or buy a home in Raleigh, Michele can ensure you have the representation you need to make sure you have smooth relocation.

For further assistance, Michele can be reached at Michele@michelelangley.com

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