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RESUME TIPS to make your Resume Stand out.

When reviewing resumes for my clients who are relocating to Raleigh, NC, I consistently see a few items that should be changed.  I thought I would share 5 items that emerge frequently. If you are thinking of applying for a new position or have a trailing spouse who is looking for work as a result of your relocation, here are 5 sections to review on your resume.

Does your resume?

Make a STRONG Impression from the START – Include a summary statement or Value Proposition of your key transferable skills and core competencies. Your value proposition is the reason WHY the employer should interview you and what you can bring to the position that makes you stand out from other candidates. Use it to your advantage in your resume. Remember, recruiters may spend less than a minute reviewing your resume, so you need to make an impression FAST to ensure it goes in the right pile.

Include KEY WORDS that STAND OUT – Just like an SEO strategy, you want to make sure that your key words in your resume are the key words that an employer is searching for in an application.   One tip I give clients is to look at job postings (indeed.com is a great source) for positions that they are qualified for and analyze the key words in the job description to ensure they are included in your resume and highlighted in the top ¼ of your resume.  Use white space and non-lined tables to quickly highlight your key skills. Often candidates will have the needed skill, but forget to put in their resume. Make sure that your skills and attributes that are desired by the employer are within the top half of the first page of your resume.

HIGHLIGHT your ACHIEVEMENTS– Don’t just list your job responsibilities but include quantifiable achievements. Any time you can honestly say increased revenue by X% or reduced turnover rate by X%, you are providing measurable results that will distinguish your accomplishments.

HIGHLIGHT YOU – Now is not the time to be modest. Use key words that show initiative. For example, managed project vs. spearheaded project has a different impact. While you should never lie, ensure that you take credit for the things you have accomplished.

Include TYPOS – Not only should you proofread your resume multiple times but make sure you have someone else proofread. Typos show a lack of attention-to-detail and can quickly put you in the NO pile even if you have the qualifications needed.

Michele Langley, SPHR and Broker is a relocation specialist with over 10 years of resume writing, and interview coaching experience.  Her focus is in helping individuals, families and employees relocate to or within the United States by providing a positive relocation adventure through a professional real estate experience and proactive job search assistance.  Learn more at www.hrparealty.com  – Changing Lives one Move at a Time

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